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New York Trip: Part Two

Thursday: Heather and I got up and went out for "breakfast" (greasy New York pizza) in Times Square. We then walked around the Virgin Records store for awhile, before popping into the huge Toys R US store. Toys R'US kicks FAO Schwartz' ass--toys everywhere, plus a more extensive Barbie collection. Yes, we bought Sean the Project Runway Barbie. I'm sure he'll be pleased ;)

We then took the subway uptown to Columbus Circle and easily found the TimeWarner Center, where we were going on our CNN tour. Basically, it was one huge shopping mall. We went up to the third floor, and found ourselves in the CNN gift shop. Hilarity! Heather bought me a blue tank top that says "I <3 my CNN" and I purchased a CNN mug and (because how could I not?) a pink tshirt that has the Anderson Cooper 360 logo in a heart. =P I will wear it with pride here at work one of these days. The tour was pretty cool. We saw a lot of cheesy videos where the journalists talk about why they got into journalism and why CNN rules, but there were things about how CNN operates and how stories make it on air. Heather gave a lovely demonstration of how the telemprompter works, lol. We also walked over the newsrooms and saw the staffs for Paula Zahn Now and Anderson Cooper hard at work. We also saw the sets for American Morning and Larry King Live, as well as Glenn Beck's set. The cool thing about that was Glenn Beck was actually in the studio at the time, and he actually chatted with our group.

After the tour, we went downstairs at the TimeWarner center and went to the two-level Coach store (or as I call it...Mecca) and, of course, I bought a new bag. Its gorgeous, and as far as Coach bags go, wasn't that expensive. Because our feet were killing us, Heather and I went back and crashed at the hotel until it was time to get ready for Avenue Q. After getting all dolled up, Heather and I went to see the show (thankfully the theatre was right next to our hotel, so we could wear our hot but impractical shoes!) If you ever have the chance, go see this show! It was politically incorrect and hilarious. Yay puppet sex.

After the show, Heather, Kathleen, Kate and I went to Carmines for dinner. We only had to wait ten minutes to be seated, and we ordered, oh, just about everything on the menu. ;) We had the manicotti, spaghetti, fried zuccini and penne alla vodka, all of which was amazing. Oh, then there was the chocolate torte that I got for my birthday, as well as two VERY strong cosmos...yummy!

Friday. Heather had to go work (boo!) so she had to catch a 6am train back to DC. Apparently, a heroin addict told her she was pretty (riding the subway at 5am is fun...) After checking out of the hotel around 11am, Kathleen, Kate and I met up with Ivan at the Virgin Records store. It was so fun getting to see him again. The best news is that he'll be down in DC with his girlfriend in a couple of weeks, so that should be more fun times. Anyways, we spent the day eating at the diner near Times Square where the waiters and waitresses sing (they were amazing, FYI) and Tastee Delight (mmm..guilt free ice cream.)Afterwards we loitered outside the diner for a good 40 minutes about theatre and politics before crossing the street where we could sit down. After awhile, we decided it was time to collect our bags from the hotel and head towards Penn Station. After walking for what felt like forever and waiting for the freaking train, we were on our way back to DC (albeit 20 minutes late!) We rode in the cafe car, and I listened to my Ipod the entire time, and passed out somewhere between Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore.

There was no rest for Kathleen and I went we made it home. We literally dropped off our crap, packed our swimsuits and took off for Stafford to Ian's pool party =) I was exhausted, but it was totally worth it. We had a blast swimming, playing Kings and chatting with our favorite Oklahoma people. Good times, as always.

Sunday, we spent a good portion of the day at Nanette auditions. I blew hard. Seriously. I had to change songs because I had no voice, so...yeah it was special. I forgot the words and I sounded terrible because, again, I had no voice. Callbacks are today, and while it still sounds scratchy, my voice seems to be doing a lot better. We'll see though. All I want is a place in the ensemble =)

After auditions, I went out with the family to Cheeseburger in Paradise (so good!) Later, Heather and I went and played mini-golf at Burke Lake and we got the same exact score (78!!) On one hole where we both particularly sucked, the 7 year old behind us got a hole-in-one. Yes, the seven year old was better than us. Oh, the shame =P

So to wrap it all up, it was a very, very good week. =) Now, its time to actually get to work....


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Jul. 24th, 2006 06:07 pm (UTC)
On one hole where we both particularly sucked, the 7 year old behind us got a hole-in-one. Yes, the seven year old was better than us. Oh, the shame =P

yeah, I doubt he was even that old!
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